Welcome to our Market and Creamery



The aim of our ‘Ethical Dairy and Creamery’ is to help meet the needs of our conscientious community and consumers seeking high-quality dairy produced using environmentally sustainable and ethical practices.  At Gopal Farm, we will proudly showcase our no-kill process and the benefits of ethical dairy, through education programs and hosting facility tours to teach consumers about the difference between industrial and ethical dairy practices on the farm and in our creamery.

Additionally, we are converting our existing artisanal cheese facility into a yogurt and ice cream production facility with the capacity to process 5,000 gallons of fluid milk per day from regional organic grass-fed dairies. 

Our 2500 sq ft state-of-the-art cheese-making facility and creamery will offer a wonderful selection of fresh and locally ethically produced dairy products and will be ready for your visit in the summer of 2024.




Why our milk is different?

Gopal Farm's creamery offers a refreshing new alternative to ethically sourced milk and products as our cows graze freely into old age, newborns drink from their mother’s teat, and male calves grow into strong oxen.

We also provide a ‘401(k) retirement plan for our cows, with 10 percent of the dairy’s earnings going toward the cows’ future care and betterment. This model allows us to produce ethical ‘premium milk’ and to sustain our cows, allowing them to live the best lives. We support ethical practices through our non-profit Economics. 

All our delicious milks are sourced from our A2 grass-fed dairy cows grazing outside the creamery. You will come and learn all about our heritage cows and bond with them. Then come inside our new creamery to enjoy some of our ethically produced milk products. Choose from our specialty 'raw' milk, pasteurized milk, yogurt, ghee, homemade ice cream, and different flavored curds, or sip on refreshing artisan sodas.

Why our produce is different?

We are continually researching and implementing how we can use their various byproducts in support of sustainable agriculture, utilizing concepts learned from ancient Indian Vedic texts for sustainable agriculture in crop production. 

With our partners in India - small farmers, small-scale breeders, and local seed growers, we have been able to source not only the Desi (heirloom) seeds of standard normal vegetables like Bottle Gourd, Bitter Melon, Eggplants, chili, Ridge gourd, tomatoes, okra, etc. but we have also been able to source many unique vegetable seeds from different regions of India.

We at Gopal Farm NY are now probably the largest repository of Indian Heirloom Vegetable seeds and we continue to grow them each year. We are hoping that seeing the enthusiastic usage of these local desi vegetables in the USA, local farmers, Chefs, and households in India will start growing and using them more thereby reviving the usage of healthy flavorful local seasonal vegetables.

Events and Workshops

Our Creamery is a hub for learning and celebration and can also be hired for educational workshops and events. From visiting our friendly cows, seeing how the milk is processed' ethically' onsite, diary tours, and cheese and curd tasting, next year, we offer opportunities to deepen your understanding of the ethical no-kill diary model while having fun.

We look forward to your upcoming visit in the summer of 2024.