About us

Welcome to Gopal Farm at Sprout Creek, a no Kill Farm and a local organization rooted in regenerative farming practices and headquartered in New Paltz, New York. We are located in Hudson Valley’s beautiful Duchess County, along a 24.8-mile-long creek in Sprout Creek New York, United States. 

Our expansive two-hundred-acre farm is owned and operated by our team at Gopal Farm, which is developing a model for Ethical No-kill Dairying as well as a Farm-based Education Retreat Center.

The farm has been closed since 2020, and we seek to continue to build on the legacy of the previous owners, the Society of the Sacred Heart, and most recently Marist College by using our conscious and extensive experience in farming and animal welfare. 

 “Our vision with Gopal Farm at Sprout Creek is foremost to develop a profitable model for no-kill dairy farms. "The world needs it, we cannot be eating by cruelty", says Nimai Pandit, the founder & CEO of Gopal Farm.

The aim of our ‘Ethical Dairy’ is to help meet the needs of our conscientious community and consumers seeking high-quality dairy produced using environmentally sustainable and ethical practices.  At Gopal Farm, we will proudly showcase our no-kill process and the benefits of ethical dairy, through education programs and hosting facility tours to teach consumers about the difference between industrial and ethical dairy practices. 

We are working with a network of small family farms in the Northeast, to help them transition to organic grass-fed Ethical (non-kill) farms, and then process and distribute their milk and other dairy products to retailers, restaurants, and consumers across the region.


We also plan to partner with conventional dairies in the region to transition them to organic and grass-fed operations under our ethical standards. By educating these farmers and providing stable income through profitable long-term contracts, we will strengthen the regional dairy industry and meet our subsidiary goal of making organic dairy farming financially viable. 



“Additionally, we will expand the farm’s facilities and education offerings to have a farm-based wellness education retreat center to include:

Farming Education, Wellness Education, and Artists Education. These education programs will be integrated with farming & environment, with a focus on young people & their parents, in two broad streams: First to teach about food & herbs as the best medicine for self-care against chronic diseases, along with yoga & Ayurveda and meditation, and Second to teach about climate change, regenerative agriculture & ethical agri practices. 

Our vision is to :

  • To develop a Model for Ethical A2 - No Kill Dairy across the Northeast. 
  • To practice ethical sustainable and regenerative agriculture.
  • To build climate-resilient food forests to provide year-long produce and income.
  • To provide year-long retreats for lifelong learning
  • To provide a year-long varied supply of Organic Produce - vegetables, fruits, herbs, grains, beans, and dairy.

About Gopal Farm

In Sanskrit, go = cows; pal = friend; Gopal Farm means "Friend of the Cows Farm"

Gopal Farm was founded in 2016 by Nimai and Ashley. Its original farm is located on the fertile floodplains of the Wallkill River, in the Hudson Valley town of New Paltz, NY, dedicated to practicing agriculture in a way that heals and restores to health many ancient seeds, our soil, our land, and our human and natural communities. Since then we have developed farms on Cape Cod in Massachusetts as well as Mango, Coconut, and other tropical farms on Pine Island off the coast of Florida.

We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful, ethical, and conscious dairy farm, and helping us nurture conscious communities and make a difference in the world.